08 Aug

Add Audio to a Video File Using ffmpeg

FFMPEG command to mix an audio file with a video file to create a final video.

ffmpeg -vcodec flv -qscale 9.5 -r 25 -ar 22050 -ab 32k -s 320x240 -i 1.mp3 -i Meta.ogv final.flv

4 thoughts on “Add Audio to a Video File Using ffmpeg

  1. what if i hav two different length files .. my audio file is of length 2:08 and my video is of 2:04 and i want to start few seconds late

    how do i give the starting point .. i mean if i want the mixing to start from 1 min … how do i giv it in cmd form ??

  2. If the audio is a different length, try padding it out to the same length with a silent section using Audacity.


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