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git push

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Command to push the current repository in git to a online server

git push
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Remove a Folder from Git

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Remove a given folder from a Git repository…

git rm -r cache/

Commit All Changes in Git

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Telling Git when you’ve added, deleted and renamed files gets tedious. Use this command and Git will look at the files in the current directory and work everything out for itself. The -z and -0 options prevent ill side-effects from filenames containing strange characters.

git-ls-files -d -m -o -z | xargs -0 git-update-index --add --remove

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Merging a Branch with the Master Branch in git

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The commands needed to merge two branches in git.

git checkout master  
git merge BrachName
git commit -m "Merged" -a
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Braching in Git

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Use this command to create a new brach in a git Repository

git branch NameOfNewBranch
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git status Without the Untracked Files

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Don’t show the untracked files in git status

git status | perl -pe "exit if(/Untracked files\:/)"

Using Git – the Basic Commands

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Initialize a New Project in Git…

git init
git add .
git commit

#Add a file
git add file.php

git status

git commit

Git Tutorial