19 Sep

CSV Export/Import Functions in PHP

Functions to Export and import CSV data using PHP

//*Get the result of the query as a CSV stream.
function CSVExport($query) {
	global $sql;
	$sql_csv = $sql->getSqlHandle($query);
	while($row = mysql_fetch_row($sql_csv)) {
		$row = $sql->_stripsls($row);
		print '"' . implode('","',$row) . "\"\n";

17 Mar

MySQL Database Backup/Restore

This command can be used to backup MySQL database.

mysqldump -u <User> -p <Database name> [<Table name>] > backup.sql

This command will create a file ‘backup.sql’ that will have all the data of the Database. The <Table name> is optional.

The database can be restored from such a dump using the command

mysql -u <User> <Database name> < backup.sql


I backup all the task in Nexty using this command.

mysqldump -u root Apps_Nexty > nexty.sql

This will create a file called ‘nexty.sql’ – which can be restored using the command…

mysql -u root Apps_nexty < nexty.sql