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Restrict Top to Current User’s Commands

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Show only your processes in the top list using this command…

top -u `whoami`
top -u binnyva(your username)
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The who Command

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Show who is logged on, and print: time of last system boot, dead processes, system login processes, active processes spawned by init, current runlevel, last system clock change

who -a
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pwck Command

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check correct syntax and file format of ‘/etc/passwd’ and users existence

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Delete User

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Delete a user ( ‘-r’ eliminates home directory)

userdel -r user1 
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Password Deadline

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Set deadline for user password

chage -E 2008-12-31 user_name
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Change User Attributes

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Change a user’s attributes

usermod -c "User FTP" -g system -d /ftp/user1 -s /bin/nologin user1
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Create New User

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Create a new user belongs “admin” group called ‘user1’

useradd -c "Name Surname " -g admin -d /home/user1 -s /bin/bash user1

There is a simpler command too…

useradd user1
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Rename an User Group

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Rename a group

groupmod -n new_group_name old_group_name

Finger Command

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System info about a user. Try: finger root. An admin needs it all the time

finger user_name
#finger root
Login: root                             Name: root
Directory: /root                        Shell: /bin/bash
Last login Tue Nov 27 20:19 (IST) on tty1
No mail.
No Plan.
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Single User Mode in Linux

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To get into single user mode in Linux, stop the boot at grub then edit the kernal you want to boot and add the word ‘single’ at the end. For example ‘kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.21-1.3194.fc7 ro root=LABEL=/ rhgb quiet single'(your line may be different)

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