29 May

Disable Password Prompt at Startup in Windows XP

Note: This post may be wrong. I’m getting a lot of complaints that this doesn’t work. See the Microsoft page on how to do this here

Disabling startup login prompt for password

  • Click Start and Run
  • Type “Control Userpasswords2” and press enter.
  • Uncheck the box for “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer.”
  • Click Apply and Ok.

Please read the comments before following these steps – some comments have reported that this fix is causing a few issues.

25 May

Extracting DAA Image Files

I once got a DAA file from a P2P network. Initally I was at a lose about how to extract the data. Finally I found a method that works. First get the ‘poweriso’ utilty for Linux. You can get it at the PowerISO website

Then convert the DAA file to a regular ISO file using this command…

poweriso convert daa_image.daa -o iso_image.iso -ot iso


05 May

SourceForge Project Packager – from SVN source

This script will package your SVN code to a tar.gz file. Just give the name of the project as the first argument. Like this…

perl packager.pl jus5

#Package a Sourceforge project from its SVN source.

die("Please provide the name of the project as the argument") unless(ARGV[0]);project=ARGV[0];

`svn checkout https://project.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/project`;
`find project/ -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \\;`;
`tar -czfproject.tar.gz project/`;
`rm -rfproject/`;