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Rename Command

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Different way to use the rename command.

rename 's/.html$/.php/' *.html
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Rename an User Group

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Rename a group

groupmod -n new_group_name old_group_name

Command to Replace a String in all Files in Current Directory

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Replaces all instance of ‘<old string>’ with ‘<new sting>’ in all the files of the current directory.

perl -pi -e "s/<old string>/<new string>/g;" *


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Change the Extension of Multiple Files in Linux

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In this example, we will change all files with extension ‘.info’ to ‘.txt’.

Rename all *.info files in one folder

rename .info .txt *.info

That should read as..

rename <replace this string> <with this string> <in all these files>

Do the same operation recursively in a directory tree

find . -name "*.info" -exec rename .info .txt {} \;

Those double quotes around *.info are important – don’t remove them mm-kay?