Category: Configuration

Store Emoji in MySQL DB

If you want to store Emoji characters in a MySQL DB, you need to update the table encoding. You can…

Add HTTPS to a Domain using LetsEncrypt on Webmin/VirtualMin

Add a TXT record to your domain – it should have this value: _acme-challenge.DOMAIN.TLD – example: Hostname will be…

Docker Basics

Source Images Images are the templates used to create Docker Containers. Container is a running instance of an image. Eg….

Install and Configure Docker

Install Docker on Ubuntu and Configure it to use a non-default directory.

Remote Port Forwarding using SSH Tunnel

If you want someone on the internet to access a service/port on your local system(and you have access to a remote server), you can use SSH Tunnel to do this.

Enable Pasting in Firefox – for sites that block it

Some bank sites have a nasty habit of disabling pasting into username/password fields. If you are using firefox, you disable this “feature”.

NIC Card Configuration

Show configuration of an ethernet network card ifconfig eth0

My KMix Settings

This kmix setting will setup your microphone for recording. I got it thru trial and error – its not perfect…