Add HTTPS to a Domain using LetsEncrypt on Webmin/VirtualMin

  • Add a TXT record to your domain – it should have this value: _acme-challenge.DOMAIN.TLD – example: Hostname will be @.
  • Do this for all the subdomains you want an SSL certificate for. It will look like this –, Each subdomain will need a separate TXT record.
  • Open VirtualMin, go to the domain’s Virtual Server.
  • Go to Server Configuration > SSL Certificate(in the Sidebar)
  • Open the Let's Encrypt tab.
  • Select the ‘Domain names listed here’ option, and enter all the domains you want an SSL certificate for – separated by new lines.
  • Click Request Certificate

If all went well, you’ll get the certificates automatically installed with in a minute or so.

Justed used this to get an certificate for Arathi M D.

Author: Binny V A
A philosopher programmer who specializes in backend development and stoicism.

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