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Change shell

Change shell command chsh

Text type convert

Convert a text file format from MSDOS to UNIX dos2unix input_file output_file

Remove Even Lines

This command removes all the even lines from the file given as the argument cat example.txt|awk ‘NR%2==1’

cmp Command – Compare Files

The command cmp is similar to diff: # cmp file1 file2 file1 file2 differ: byte 10, line 1

Google Reader Shortcuts

Some Google Reader Shortcuts j/k item down/up selects the next/previous item in the list s toggle star stars the selected…

Shortcuts – Hard and Soft Links in Linux

This is how to create hard and soft links in Linux. Remember, a directory cannot be hard linked. #Hard link…

Directory Listing Only Search

The search that limits the results to just directory listings… intitle:”index.of” inanchor:”Last Modified” inanchor:”Description” inanchor:”Parent Directory” -filetype:php -filetype:asp -filetype:htm -filetype:html…

Fetch columns of Output using Awk

One can use awk to get a specific column from a command output… First column of the command date|awk ‘{print…

Disable Password Prompt at Startup in Windows XP

Note: This post may be wrong. I’m getting a lot of complaints that this doesn’t work. See the Microsoft page…

Writing tips

Omit unnecessary words. Make every sentence contribute to the point you want to make. Use paragraphs as your arguments. Go…