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Run Webserver with current folder as root

Different ways to run a webserver using the current directory as root. Useful to serve static files.

Pass Command Line Arguments to npm

If you want to pass command line arguments to `npm` scripts, use the `–` separator.

Screen Mirroring from Android phone to Linux

Use [scrcpy]( copy) to mirror an Android device – and see/use it from your linux system.

Metadata/Frontmatter of current note in Obsidian

Get the metadata or the frontmatter of the currently open note in Obsidian plugin development.

Get selected text in Obsidian

Getting the currently selected text when creating an Obsidian plugin

Get current file content in Obsidian

Get currently open file and content when developing a plugin for Obsidian

Store Emoji in MySQL DB

If you want to store Emoji characters in a MySQL DB, you need to update the table encoding. You can…

Add HTTPS to a Domain using LetsEncrypt on Webmin/VirtualMin

Add a TXT record to your domain – it should have this value: _acme-challenge.DOMAIN.TLD – example: Hostname will be…

Docker Basics

Source Images Images are the templates used to create Docker Containers. Container is a running instance of an image. Eg….

Install and Configure Docker

Install Docker on Ubuntu and Configure it to use a non-default directory.