Category: Python

Run Webserver with current folder as root

Different ways to run a webserver using the current directory as root. Useful to serve static files.

Django server on custom Port

Running Django server on a custom Port python runserver 8001

Start a new Django Project

Command to start a new Django project… startproject [PROJECT_NAME] cd [PROJECT_NAME] python startapp [PROJECT_NAME]

Share Current Folder over the Web

Want to show something on your machine to someone over the web? Don’t copy it or upload it somewhere. Just…

Creating a Toolbar in GTK Python(PyGTK)

Creating a toolbar using GTK Python. There is an old method – but this example shows a better method of…

Python Function for Space Units

A Python function to return readable size using the given size(KB) # Returns a more readable format of the given…

Get Result of Command using Python in Linux

Execute a command and get its results using python in Linux import commands result = commands.getoutput(“ls”)