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Remove SVN Info from a Folder

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This command removes the SVN data from a folder.

find -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \;

Creating a SVN Tag

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Creating a tag in SVN means that you copy the entire trunk to another folder in the ‘tags’ folder…

svn copy trunk/ tags/TAG_NAME
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Some File Operation in SVN

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Moving, Coping and Deletion

svn mv file.php to_folder/        #Move
svn cp file.php to_folder/         #Copy
svn rm file.php                          #Deletion
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SourceForge Project Packager – from SVN source

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This script will package your SVN code to a tar.gz file. Just give the name of the project as the first argument. Like this…

perl jus5

#Package a Sourceforge project from its SVN source.

die("Please provide the name of the project as the argument") unless($ARGV[0]);


`svn checkout https://$$project`;
`find $project/ -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \\;`;
`tar -czf $project.tar.gz $project/`;
`rm -rf $project/`;
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Packaging a Subversion Project

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This is the method that I use to package a SVN Project. For CVS projects, the code is slightly different. Please note that the second line requires bash to work.

This is how I packaged nexty

svn checkout
find nexty/ -name .svn -exec rm -rf {} \;
tar -czf nexty.tar.gz nexty/
rm -rf nexty/
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Using Subversion – Import, Checkout and Update

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Import/New Project

svn import <Folder> <Repository>

Online Repository Example

svn import Nexty


svn checkout [<folder>]


svn update