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Backup Using ‘dump’ command

Make a full backup of directory ‘/home’ dump -0aj -f home.bak /home

Sync Two Folders

Sync two folders using rsync command rsync -rogpav –delete /home/me /backup/folder

Backup All Databases in MySQL

Backup all files in /var/lib/mysql to another folder To restore, stop mysqld if it is running service stop mysqld Move…

Backup Locally using Rsync

Backup a folder to another local folder using the rsync tool. rsync -av ~/Scripts/ /var/Backup/Rsync/Scripts/ a = Archive Mode v…

MySQL Database Backup/Restore

This command can be used to backup MySQL database. mysqldump -u <User> -p <Database name> [<Table name>] > backup.sql This…

Backup Using Rsync

Backups the script folder to a remote location. Original Article… rsync -avze ssh Scripts/ binnyva@binnyva.com:backup/Scripts/