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Object Or Array Check in JavaScirpt

Test whether an object is an object or an array if(Object.prototype.toString.apply(arr) === ‘[object Array]’) alert(“Array”) Original Article

Spell Check a Text File using Aspell

You can use Aspell to spell check of a text document using this command. It must be executed in a…

Check Ext2 FS

repair / check integrity of ext2 filesystem on disk hda1 fsck.ext2 /dev/hda1

Do Md5 check on CD/DVD/HDD

Perform an md5sum on a device, like a CD dd if=/dev/hdc | md5sum

Verify RPM Package

Verify the integrity of a rpm package rpm –checksig package.rpm

grpck Command

Check correct syntax and file format of ‘/etc/group’ and groups existence grpck