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Move files from Folder 2 Levels Deep

Use this command to move files from folders two level deep to the current folder… mv */*.* .

Copy Files Using Samba

Download files from a host windows via smb smbget -Rr smb://ip_addr/share

FTP Using Curl

Copy a file to a remote system using FTP with the Curl command… curl -T filename.txt -u username:password ftp://example.cot/filename.txt Original…

SCP Copy from Remote to Local System

Copy files/folder from a remote server to this system. scp -r binnyva@ .

Copy Files using SCP

Copy files/folder to a remote server. scp <file> binnyva@ scp -r <folder> binnyva@

Copy all Txt Files

Find and copy all files with ‘.txt’ extention from a directory to another find /home/binnyva -name ‘*.txt’ | xargs cp…

Copying a directory

Copying a directory cp -a dir1 dir2

Some File Operation in SVN

Moving, Coping and Deletion svn mv file.php to_folder/ #Move svn cp file.php to_folder/ #Copy svn rm file.php #Deletion