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Rename Images Based on Exif Date

Renames all the files in the current folder based on the Exif date of that image. You’ll need the ‘jhead’ command tool – use apt-get to install it.

Set Time

Set date and time – MonthDayhoursMinutesYear.Seconds date 041217002007.00

Find New Files

Search files created or changed within 10 days find /usr/bin -type f -mtime -10

‘date’ and ‘cal’ Commands

Some date finding commands.. date Mon Mar 10 23:52:08 IST 2008 cal March 2008 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr…

Date Command

Create the MySQL format date(YYYY-MM-DD) using the date command date +%Y-%m-%d

Find Difference Between 2 Dates in PHP

This function will find the difference between two given times. Does PHP already have a native function for that? //The…

Find the Fourth Sunday

Javascript code for finding the fourth sunday in any given month. function findFourthSunday(year,month) { var fourth_sunday = 0; var sunday_count…