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Copying a directory

Copying a directory cp -a dir1 dir2

Delete Multiple Folders

Remove two directories and their contents recursively rm -rf dir1 dir2

Remove a Directory Recursively

Remove a directory called ‘dir’ and contents recursively rm -rf dir

Show Space Usage of a Directory

Estimate space used by directory. du -sh dir

Command to io to Previous Folder

Go back to the previous folder cd –

Create a Directory Tree in One Command

You can create a directory tree using just one command in Linux mkdir -p /tmp/dir1/dir2

Listing all Files Recursively in Windows

Save the list of all files in a folder in windows – recursively. dir /s /b>FileList.txt [tags]command, dir, directory, folder,…

Directory Listing Only Search

The search that limits the results to just directory listings… intitle:”index.of” inanchor:”Last Modified” inanchor:”Description” inanchor:”Parent Directory” -filetype:php -filetype:asp -filetype:htm -filetype:html…

List All Files in a Folder Recursively

Save the list of all files in a folder – recursively. find .|sed ‘s/\.\///;’ Another option is ls -R -1…