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Import All MySQL Sql Dumps in a Folder

This command will import all the MySQL sql dumps in the current folder. You can use this to restore your…

Get the Plain Text Version of a Web Page

This command fetches a web page, converts it to text and shows it. lynx -dump http://www.example.com/

Restore Backup Created by dump

Restoring a backup created by the dump command. restore -if home_backup.bak

Incremental Backup using dump

Make a incremental backup of directory ‘/home/binnyva’ dump -1aj -f home.bak /home/binnyva/

Backup Using ‘dump’ command

Make a full backup of directory ‘/home’ dump -0aj -f home.bak /home

MySQL Database Backup/Restore

This command can be used to backup MySQL database. mysqldump -u <User> -p <Database name> [<Table name>] > backup.sql This…