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RPM Installation without Dependencies

Install a rpm package ignoring dependencies requests rpm -ivh –nodeeps package.rpm

Verify RPM Package

Verify the integrity of a rpm package rpm –checksig package.rpm

Building an RPM from a Spec File

Use this command to build an RPM if you have a Spec File rpmbuild -ba SPEC_FILE

Installing Rails

You can install Rails in a Fedora system with these commands… yum -y install ruby ruby-devel ruby-irb ruby-libs ruby-rdoc ruby-ri…

Install CPAN in Fedora

If you are getting a ‘Can’t locate CPAN.pm in @INC’ error while opening cpan, you have not installed Bundle::Cpan. You…

yum localinstall

This will install an RPM, and try to resolve all the dependencies for you using your repositories. yum localinstall package_name.rpm

Install RPM Package

Install a rpm package rpm -ivh package.rpm

List all Installed RPMs

List all packages installed on the system yum list

List all Installed RPMs by Size

Show space used by rpm packages installed sorted by size (fedora, redhat and like) rpm -q -a –qf “%10{SIZE}\t%{NAME}\n” |…

Enable Bridging for VirtualBox in Fedora 8

To access net on a guest OS installed within VirtualBox, you have to enable bridging. This is what I did……