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Find number of lines in a file

Find the number of lines in a file using this command… cat -n file OR wc -l file

Change Ownership of a File

Change user and group ownership of a file chown user:group file

Change File Encoding

Creates a new from the given input file by assuming it is encoded in fromEncoding and converting it to toEncoding….

See Mounted File Systems

Shows all mounted file systems in Linux cat /proc/mounts

Reverse a File

This commands reverses a file in linux – the last line will be the first… tac file.txt tac = reverse…

Sort a File

A Linux command to sort the contests of a file sort file.ext [tags][/tags]

File Command

Find the contents of a file using this commande file filename.txt

Linux command to get the MD5 of a File

Use this command to find the MD5 of a file. md5sum file.txt

Some File Operation in SVN

Moving, Coping and Deletion svn mv file.php to_folder/ #Move svn cp file.php to_folder/ #Copy svn rm file.php #Deletion

Using Ant to Concatenate files

The build.xml file to concatenate files using ant. This can be executed using the command ‘ant “ConcatAll”‘ <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>…