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git push

Command to push the current repository in git to a online server git push

Remove a Folder from Git

Remove a given folder from a Git repository… git rm -r cache/

Commit All Changes in Git

Telling Git when you’ve added, deleted and renamed files gets tedious. Use this command and Git will look at the…

Merging a Branch with the Master Branch in git

The commands needed to merge two branches in git. git checkout master git merge BrachName git commit -m “Merged” -a

Braching in Git

Use this command to create a new brach in a git Repository git branch NameOfNewBranch

git status Without the Untracked Files

Don’t show the untracked files in git status git status | perl -pe “exit if(/Untracked files\:/)”

Using Git – the Basic Commands

Initialize a New Project in Git… git init git add . git commit #Add a file git add file.php git…