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Backup MBR to Image File

Make a copy of MBR (Master Boot Record) to a file. dd if=/dev/hda of=mbr.img bs=512 count=1 dd if=mbr.img of=/dev/hda bs=512…

Backup HDD To Remote Host

Make a backup of a local hard disk on remote host via ssh dd bs=1M if=/dev/hda | gzip | ssh…

Check for Badblocks on the HDD

Check bad blocks in disk hda1 badblocks -v /dev/hda1

Check for Bad Blocks in HDD

Linux Command to search the Harddisk for bad sectors sudo badblocks -v /dev/sda

Find All Connected Harddisks

<p class=”intro”>If you have many IDE harddisks connected to the system(but not mounted), this command will find it. This will…