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Activate IP Forwarding

Activate IP Forwarding echo “1” > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Configure Gateway

Configure the default gateway route add -net 0/0 gw IP_Gateway

Find Link Status

Show link status of all interfaces ip link show

Configure IP Address

Configure IP Address using the ifconfig command ifconfig eth0 netmask

Get External IP

Get the external IP of your system – useful if you have a dynamic ip… curl -s checkip.dyndns.org|sed -e ‘s/.*Current…

Find Current IP Address

Find the IP address of all the active interfaces. ifconfig | egrep -o ‘^[a-z0-9]{1,12}|inet addr:[0-9.]+’

Install DDClient

DDClient is a tool that lets you auto update your ip with services like dyndns.org. This is how you install…