Tag: Linux

Download Deb Files Using apt-get

If you want to download the deb files without installing them, use the following command. The downloaded file will be…

Backup HDD To Remote Host

Make a backup of a local hard disk on remote host via ssh dd bs=1M if=/dev/hda | gzip | ssh…

chsh Command

Command to know if you have to remote into another box chsh –list-shells

Show Free Ram

Displays status of RAM in megabytes free -m

Show Hostname

Show hostname of system hostname

Activate IP Forwarding

Activate IP Forwarding echo “1” > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

env – Shell/Envionment Variables

Show all the variables in the shell. env

rsync Local Folder with Remote

Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory via ssh and compression rsync -az -e ssh –delete ip_addr:/home/public /home/local

Reboot History

Show history reboot last reboot

Change shell

Change shell command chsh