Tag: list

Install Package List

Install a list of packages from a text file. cat packages.txt | xargs apt-get install

Find the Process that Listen to a Port

Find the process that are listening to a said port… lsof -i :80

List Files Provided by Package

Show list of files provided by a rpm package installed rpm -ql package_name

chsh Command

Command to know if you have to remote into another box chsh –list-shells

All RPM Packages

Show all rpm packages installed on the system rpm -qa

Show all Installed Packages in Debian

Show all deb packages installed on the system dpkg -l

Update Package List in Apt

Update the package list – do this after you change the source in /etc/apt/sources.list . apt-get update

List Encoding – iconv

This command lists all known encodings iconv -l

List all Installed RPMs

List all packages installed on the system yum list

List all Installed RPMs by Size

Show space used by rpm packages installed sorted by size (fedora, redhat and like) rpm -q -a –qf “%10{SIZE}\t%{NAME}\n” |…