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Backup HDD To Remote Host

Make a backup of a local hard disk on remote host via ssh dd bs=1M if=/dev/hda | gzip | ssh…

rsync Local Folder with Remote

Synchronize a local directory with a remote directory via ssh and compression rsync -az -e ssh –delete ip_addr:/home/public /home/local

FTP Using Curl

Copy a file to a remote system using FTP with the Curl command… curl -T filename.txt -u username:password ftp://example.cot/filename.txt Original…

SCP Copy from Remote to Local System

Copy files/folder from a remote server to this system. scp -r binnyva@ .

Copy Files using SCP

Copy files/folder to a remote server. scp <file> binnyva@ scp -r <folder> binnyva@

Run Remote App Locally

Run a remote GUI tool in a local system ssh -X neo@ /usr/bin/kate

Connecting to a Remote MySQL Host

You can connect to a remote mysql server if you have the necessary permissions… mysql -h mysql.remote.com -u user

Backup Using Rsync

Backups the script folder to a remote location. Original Article… rsync -avze ssh Scripts/ binnyva@binnyva.com:backup/Scripts/