Tag: rpm

Show Packages from a Group

Show rpm packages of a group software rpm -qg “System Environment/Daemons”

List Files Provided by Package

Show list of files provided by a rpm package installed rpm -ql package_name

Update an Installed RPM Package

Upgrade a rpm package only if it is already installed rpm -F package.rpm

All RPM Packages

Show all rpm packages installed on the system rpm -qa

Import RPM Key

Import public-key digital signature rpm –import /media/cdrom/RPM-GPG-KEY

RPM Installation without Dependencies

Install a rpm package ignoring dependencies requests rpm -ivh –nodeeps package.rpm

Verify RPM Package

Verify the integrity of a rpm package rpm –checksig package.rpm

Build RPM From RPM Source

Build a rpm package from a rpm source rpmbuild –rebuild package_name.src.rpm

Building an RPM from a Spec File

Use this command to build an RPM if you have a Spec File rpmbuild -ba SPEC_FILE

yum localinstall

This will install an RPM, and try to resolve all the dependencies for you using your repositories. yum localinstall package_name.rpm