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Add Line Numbers

Use this command to add line numbers to a text file… sed = filename.txt | sed ‘N;s/\n/\t/’ > filename_number.txt

Delete Leading Whitespace Using Sed

Delete leading whitespace (spaces/tabs/etc) from beginning of each line. Same as yesterday’s command – but using sed cat file.txt |…

Sed Regular Expression Range

Print the contents of a file from a given regular expression to another sed -n ‘/start/,/end/ p’ file This will…

View some lines in a file

View from 1th to 5th line sed -n ‘1,5p;5q’ example.txt

Remove Empty Characters at End of Lines

Remove empty characters at the end of each row sed -e ‘s/ *$//’ file.txt

Fish Shell Command History Meme

Use this command if you want to know your command usage stats in the fish shell. grep -v “^\#” “.config/fish/fish_history”|awk…

Grep using Sed

View only lines that contain the word “string” sed -n ‘/string/p’

Remove Empty Lines and Comments

Remove comments and blank lines from example.pl sed ‘/ *#/d; /^$/d’ example.pl

Graphical representation of sub-directories

This command shows a graphical representation of the current sub-directories. ls -R | grep “:” | sed -e ‘s/://’ -e…

Remove Empty Lines

Remove empty lines from a file using sed sed ‘/^$/d’ file.txt Original Article