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Use DD to Create File of any Size

Use the DD command to create a 10 MB (10*1024*1024=10485760 bytes) size file named testfile_10MB dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile_10MB bs=10485760 count=1…

Package Listing in Debian

Show space used by deb packages installed sorted by size (ubuntu, debian and like) dpkg-query -W -f='{Installed-Size;10}t{Package}n’ | sort -k1,1n

Command to Sort Files by Size

Show size of the files and directories sorted by size du -sk * | sort -rn

Show Disk Usage – du

du shows the ‘disk usage’ – the space taken up by the files and folders in the current directory. du…

Python Function for Space Units

A Python function to return readable size using the given size(KB) # Returns a more readable format of the given…