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Build RPM From RPM Source

Build a rpm package from a rpm source rpmbuild –rebuild package_name.src.rpm

Braching in Git

Use this command to create a new brach in a git Repository git branch NameOfNewBranch

Using Git – the Basic Commands

Initialize a New Project in Git… git init git add . git commit #Add a file git add file.php git…

SourceForge Project Packager – from SVN source

This script will package your SVN code to a tar.gz file. Just give the name of the project as the…

Compile and Install LAMP Server from Source – PHP5, Apache2, MySQL5

MySQL ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/mysql –localstatedir=/var/lib/mysql –with-mysqld-user=mysql –with-unix-socket-path=/tmp/mysql.sock –without-comment –without-debug –without-bench make make install cp support-files/my-medium.cnf /etc/my.cnf chown root:sys /etc/my.cnf chmod 644…