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Restrict Top to Current User’s Commands

Show only your processes in the top list using this command… top -u `whoami` OR top -u binnyva(your username)

The who Command

Show who is logged on, and print: time of last system boot, dead processes, system login processes, active processes spawned…

pwck Command

check correct syntax and file format of ‘/etc/passwd’ and users existence pwck

Delete User

Delete a user ( ‘-r’ eliminates home directory) userdel -r user1

Password Deadline

Set deadline for user password chage -E 2008-12-31 user_name

Change User Attributes

Change a user’s attributes usermod -c “User FTP” -g system -d /ftp/user1 -s /bin/nologin user1

Create New User

Create a new user belongs “admin” group called ‘user1’ useradd -c “Name Surname ” -g admin -d /home/user1 -s /bin/bash…

Rename an User Group

Rename a group groupmod -n new_group_name old_group_name

Finger Command

System info about a user. Try: finger root. An admin needs it all the time finger user_name #finger root Login:…

Single User Mode in Linux

To get into single user mode in Linux, stop the boot at grub then edit the kernal you want to…