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Django server on custom Port

Running Django server on a custom Port

python runserver 8001

Start a new Django Project

Command to start a new Django project… startproject [PROJECT_NAME]
python startapp [PROJECT_NAME]

Share Current Folder over the Web

Want to show something on your machine to someone over the web? Don’t copy it or upload it somewhere. Just run “webshare” and the current directory and everything beneath it will be served from a new web server listening on port 8000. When your pal is finished, hit control-c.

python -c "import SimpleHTTPServer;SimpleHTTPServer.test()"

For a slightly more advanced version of this server, see this article(Warning: German Article – but code is self explaining)

Creating a Toolbar in GTK Python(PyGTK)

Creating a toolbar using GTK Python. There is an old method – but this example shows a better method of creating a toolbar using pygtk.

toolbar = gtk.Toolbar()

toolbar_item = gtk.ToolButton("Quit")
toolbar_item.connect("clicked", exit)
toolbar.insert(toolbar_item, -1)

Python Function for Space Units

A Python function to return readable size using the given size(KB)

# Returns a more readable format of the given data. For example, getReadableSize(1024) returns "1 MB"
	def getReadableSize(size):
		unit = "KB"
		size = float(size)
		final = size

		if(size >= 1024):
			unit = "MB"
			final= "%.02f" % (size / 1024)
			size = (size / 1024)

			if(size >= 1024):
				unit = "GB"
				final= "%.02f" % (size / 1024)
				size = (size / 1024)

		return str(final) + " " + unit


Get Result of Command using Python in Linux

Execute a command and get its results using python in Linux

import commands

result = commands.getoutput("ls")