CSV Export/Import Functions in PHP

Functions to Export and import CSV data using PHP

//*Get the result of the query as a CSV stream.
function CSVExport(query) {
	sql_csv =sql->getSqlHandle(query);
	while(row = mysql_fetch_row(sql_csv)) {row = sql->_stripsls(row);
		print '"' . implode('","',$row) . "\"\n";

Author: Binny V A
A philosopher programmer who specializes in backend development and stoicism.

3 thoughts on “CSV Export/Import Functions in PHP

  1. OK, thanks.
    But can you give me the functions : _stripsls (I thinks that is the same as stripslashes), and the class for this => “sql->getSqlHandle(query);”.

    Sorry for my english, but I’m french.

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