Object Or Array Check in JavaScirpt

Test whether an object is an object or an array if(Object.prototype.toString.apply(arr) === ‘[object Array]’) alert(“Array”) Original Article

Command Line Tool to Set ID3 Tags for MP3

Set the ID3 tags for mp3 files using this command… id3tool -t “title” -r “artist” file.mp3

Get Audio from a video file

Get Audio from a video file mplayer -dumpaudio -quiet VIDEO_FILE

Find the Process that Listen to a Port

Find the process that are listening to a said port… lsof -i :80

Move files from Folder 2 Levels Deep

Use this command to move files from folders two level deep to the current folder… mv */*.* .

Post a new Task to Nexty

This is the command used to post a new task to the nexty GTD tool. curl –basic –user “binnyva:password” –cookie-jar…

Upgrade Ubuntu to the Latest Version

Use these two commands to upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu/other debian based distros. sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get…

Show Packages from a Group

Show rpm packages of a group software rpm -qg “System Environment/Daemons”

Trim Image Edge

Use this command to cut off the edges off an image… convert -trim image.jpg output.jpg

Find Link Files

Use this command to find all the links in the current directory… find . -lname “*”