Tag: curl

Watch for Ubuntu 9.10 Launch

This script will run check for ubuntu launch once every 5 mins and let you know if there is an launch.

Get a Random Futurama Quote

Useless – but fun – get a random Futurama Quote curl -Is slashdot.org | egrep ‘^X-(F|B)’ | cut -d \-…

Post to Delicious From Command Line

Post to Delicious curl “https://<username>:<password>@api.del.icio.us/v1/posts/add?&url=[URL]&description=[TITLE]&tags=[TAGS]&replace=no”

Post a new Task to Nexty

This is the command used to post a new task to the nexty GTD tool. curl –basic –user “binnyva:password” –cookie-jar…

Post To Identi.ca using Curl

Post a status update to identi.ca using just curl curl –basic –user binnyva:PASSWORD –data-ascii “status=The new status goes here” http://identi.ca/api/statuses/update.xml

FTP Using Curl

Copy a file to a remote system using FTP with the Curl command… curl -T filename.txt -u username:password ftp://example.cot/filename.txt Original…

Sensex Figure using a Linux Command

This one command will fetch and display the latest sensex figure in Linux. This command basically downloads a page, locates…

Get URL Headers using CURL

Show the headers of an URL using Curl curl http://example.com -I

Word Meaning from Linux Command Line

Find the meaning of a word from dict using curl. System must be online for this to work. curl dict://dict.org/d:word

Using PHP’s Curl functions behind a Proxy

Using PHP’s Curl functions even if the net is accessible only thru a proxy. This is the only way curl…