Tag: Linux

Find the Process that Listen to a Port

Find the process that are listening to a said port… lsof -i :80

Move files from Folder 2 Levels Deep

Use this command to move files from folders two level deep to the current folder… mv */*.* .

Post a new Task to Nexty

This is the command used to post a new task to the nexty GTD tool. curl –basic –user “binnyva:password” –cookie-jar…

Show Packages from a Group

Show rpm packages of a group software rpm -qg “System Environment/Daemons”

Trim Image Edge

Use this command to cut off the edges off an image… convert -trim image.jpg output.jpg

Find Link Files

Use this command to find all the links in the current directory… find . -lname “*”

help command

Use the help command to get information on built in command… help alias

Locate Files With Names Matching A Regexp

You can use locate to find files with name that matches a said regexp… locate -i -r ‘\.jpg$’

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files – call it using the command moustiso.sh ImageFile.iso. You need a folder called…

Delete Leading Whitespace Using Sed

Delete leading whitespace (spaces/tabs/etc) from beginning of each line. Same as yesterday’s command – but using sed cat file.txt |…