Tag: network

Trasfer over the network

Transfer stdin and stdout to and from machines over the network ssh remote_machine ‘cat – > file’ < file

Show All HTTP Traffic

Show all HTTP traffic tcpdump tcp port 80

Show All Network Services

Show all network services listening on the system and their PID netstat -tupl

Copy Files Using Samba

Download files from a host windows via smb smbget -Rr smb://ip_addr/share

Show Remote Shares using Samba

Show remote shares of a windows host smbclient -L ip_addr/hostname

Configuration of a wireless network card

Show configuration of a wireless network card iwconfig wlan0

Find WiFi Hotspots

Use this command to find the wifi hotspots around your system. You need wifi hardware with proper drivers for this…

Show Hostname

Show hostname of system hostname

Activate IP Forwarding

Activate IP Forwarding echo “1” > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward

Show Active Network Connections

Show all active network connections and their PID netstat -tup