Tag: network

Information about eth0

show statistics of network card ‘eth0’ ethtool eth0

Show Link Status

Show link status of ‘eth0’ mii-tool eth0

nslookup Network Command

Lookup hostname to resolve name to ip address and viceversa nslookup www.example.com

Static Route

Configure static route to reach network ‘’ route add -net netmask gw

Configure Gateway

Configure the default gateway route add -net 0/0 gw IP_Gateway

DHCP Mode Activation

active interface ‘eth0’ in dhcp mode dhclient eth0

Packet Sniffing

Configure ‘eth0’ in promiscuous mode to gather packets (sniffing) ifconfig eth0 promisc

Configure IP Address

Configure IP Address using the ifconfig command ifconfig eth0 netmask

NIC Card Configuration

Show configuration of an ethernet network card ifconfig eth0

Show routing table

show routing table route -n