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Install Package List

Install a list of packages from a text file. cat packages.txt | xargs apt-get install

Show Packages from a Group

Show rpm packages of a group software rpm -qg “System Environment/Daemons”

List Files Provided by Package

Show list of files provided by a rpm package installed rpm -ql package_name

Download Deb Files Using apt-get

If you want to download the deb files without installing them, use the following command. The downloaded file will be…

Search Debian Package

Show all deb packages with the name “httpd” dpkg -l | grep httpd

Update an Installed RPM Package

Upgrade a rpm package only if it is already installed rpm -F package.rpm

All RPM Packages

Show all rpm packages installed on the system rpm -qa

Verify RPM Package

Verify the integrity of a rpm package rpm –checksig package.rpm

Build RPM From RPM Source

Build a rpm package from a rpm source rpmbuild –rebuild package_name.src.rpm

Building an RPM from a Spec File

Use this command to build an RPM if you have a Spec File rpmbuild -ba SPEC_FILE