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Show all Installed Packages in Debian

Show all deb packages installed on the system dpkg -l

Update Package List in Apt

Update the package list – do this after you change the source in /etc/apt/sources.list . apt-get update

Uninstall Using Yum

Use this command to remove a rpm package. yum remove package_name

Install RPM Package

Install a rpm package rpm -ivh package.rpm

Install Package Debian(DPKG)

Install a package using dpkg in Debian linux dpkg -i package

Apt using CD/DVD

Install / upgrade a deb package from cdrom/dvd apt-cdrom install package_name

List all Installed RPMs by Size

Show space used by rpm packages installed sorted by size (fedora, redhat and like) rpm -q -a –qf “%10{SIZE}\t%{NAME}\n” |…

SourceForge Project Packager – from SVN source

This script will package your SVN code to a tar.gz file. Just give the name of the project as the…

Packaging a Subversion Project

This is the method that I use to package a SVN Project. For CVS projects, the code is slightly different….