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Zip Command in Linux

Command to create a zip file from a given folder. zip -r File.zip Folder/

Decompress Bzip2 File

Decompress a compressed tar archive in bzip2 tar -xvfj archive.tar.bz2tar -xvfj archive.tar.bz2

Create a Bzip2 File

create a tarball compressed into bzip2 tar -cvfj archive.tar.bz2 dir

Extract to Given Folder

extract a tarball into / tmp tar -xvf archive.tar -C /tmp

Create Compressed Tarball

Create a compressed tarball tar -czf archive.tar file_name

A Shell Script to Create a Build of Firefox Extension

This shell script will create a build of a firefox extension in linux. This is created according to my details(eg,…

RAR Support In Linux

RAR Support in Linux is easy – just install the unrar tool… sudo yum install unrar

Read Tarballed Text File

How to read a big text file that is tarballed – without extracting the whole thing… bzcat enwiki-20070802-pages-articles.xml.bz2 | head…

Packaging a Subversion Project

This is the method that I use to package a SVN Project. For CVS projects, the code is slightly different….