5 thoughts on “Batch Resize Image

  1. Thats a good info but I like this better (for obvious reasons that it does not change the filename):
    for i in * do; convert -sample 800×600 i ak_i; done

    BTW, do you have any idea, wheather resize is better or sample is better option in covert for resizing the image. I did not see any difference in both approaches other then technical difference.

  2. Yeah – I like that too – as a matter of fact, I have a shell script that does this…

    # An Easy command to use the convert command. Makes sure that the rename problem don't happen
    if [ ! -d "Out" ]; then
            mkdir Out
    if [ # -eq 2 ] ; then
    for i in sel; do
            echo -n "Convertingi ... "
            convert 1i Out/$i
            echo "Done"

    About the Resample/Resize issue – I am not sure either.

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