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Rename Images Based on Exif Date

Renames all the files in the current folder based on the Exif date of that image. You’ll need the ‘jhead’ command tool – use apt-get to install it.

Convert RAW files to JPEG

Convert RAW files to JPEG in batch. Convert all files in a folder using a command. For this to work, first you must have ‘ufraw’ package installed. sudo apt-get install ufraw or sudo yum install ufraw depending on your OS

Trim Image Edge

Use this command to cut off the edges off an image… convert -trim image.jpg output.jpg

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files – call it using the command moustiso.sh ImageFile.iso. You need a folder called…

Backup MBR to Image File

Make a copy of MBR (Master Boot Record) to a file. dd if=/dev/hda of=mbr.img bs=512 count=1 dd if=mbr.img of=/dev/hda bs=512…

Backup HDD To Remote Host

Make a backup of a local hard disk on remote host via ssh dd bs=1M if=/dev/hda | gzip | ssh…

Backup Entire Harddrive to an Image

Backup content of the harddrive to a file. Creates an image of the drive dd if=/dev/sda of=/tmp/sda.iso

Shell Script for Batch Convertion of Images

An easier way to batch convert images using the ‘convert’ command… #!/bin/sh # An Easy command to use the convert…

Burn Compressed ISO Image

Burn a compressed ISO image gzip -dc cd_iso.gz | cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom

Batch Resize Image

Resize all JPG Files to 800×600 convert -sample 800×600 *.jpg output_file_name