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See how long your machine has been running uptime Example Output 23:42:28 up 6:20, 2 users, load average: 0.16, 0.22,…

Create a Permanent Alias in Fish Shell

This is how you create a permanent alias is fish… alias x=’exit’ save_function x

Date Command

Create the MySQL format date(YYYY-MM-DD) using the date command date +%Y-%m-%d

Sensex Figure using a Linux Command

This one command will fetch and display the latest sensex figure in Linux. This command basically downloads a page, locates…

Better Way to find Process ID of an Application in Linux

A better way to get the process id of an application. I recommend giving an alias for this command… ps…

Watch a Log File for Changes using tail

This command will let you watch a log file for changes as soon as they happen

Download Multiple Files with Wget

Wget can be used to download multiple files with just one command wget -c “http://example.com/file[1-9].htm” [tags]wget,download,multiple,series,linux,command,cli[/tags]

Fetch columns of Output using Awk

One can use awk to get a specific column from a command output… First column of the command date|awk ‘{print…

Get the First Line of Command Output in Shell

Get just the first line of the output of a command… <command>|head -n1 ls -1|head -n1

Using Awk

Simple uses for awk Get the second column from the output ps aux | awk ‘{print $2}’ Use a different…