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Show Disk Usage – du

du shows the ‘disk usage’ – the space taken up by the files and folders in the current directory. du…

free Command

free gives the Memory info (in kilobytes). free #Output total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 2075000 667508 1407492 0…

last Command

The last command shows a history of logins… last

Finger Command

System info about a user. Try: finger root. An admin needs it all the time finger user_name #finger root Login:…

Run a Command if Another Command Succeeds

This will let you run a linux command based on the success of anther command. Note: This will only work…

Sort a File

A Linux command to sort the contests of a file sort file.ext [tags][/tags]

Some Processor Intensive Commands

I run these commands when I am off for lunch or something… sudo /bin/bash /usr/sbin/makewhatis -w sudo /usr/bin/updatedb #These two…

Merging a Branch with the Master Branch in git

The commands needed to merge two branches in git. git checkout master git merge BrachName git commit -m “Merged” -a

Braching in Git

Use this command to create a new brach in a git Repository git branch NameOfNewBranch

Connecting to a Remote MySQL Host

You can connect to a remote mysql server if you have the necessary permissions… mysql -h mysql.remote.com -u user