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Show All HTTP Traffic

Show all HTTP traffic tcpdump tcp port 80

Show iptables chains

Show all chains of filtering table iptables -t filter -L

Incremental Backup with tar

Make a incremental backup of directory ‘/home/binnyva’ tar -Puf backup.tar /home/binnyva

Show All Network Services

Show all network services listening on the system and their PID netstat -tupl

Copy Files Using Samba

Download files from a host windows via smb smbget -Rr smb://ip_addr/share

Show Remote Shares using Samba

Show remote shares of a windows host smbclient -L ip_addr/hostname

Configuration of a wireless network card

Show configuration of a wireless network card iwconfig wlan0

Lookup Hostname

Lookup hostname to resolve name to ip address and viceversa host www.example.com

Important Logs

First show system events. Second command show events inherent to the process of booting kernel. tail /var/log/messages tail /var/log/dmesg

The who Command

Show who is logged on, and print: time of last system boot, dead processes, system login processes, active processes spawned…