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Packet Sniffing

Configure ‘eth0’ in promiscuous mode to gather packets (sniffing) ifconfig eth0 promisc

Remove Deb Package

Remove a deb package from the system dpkg -r package_name

Verify RPM Package

Verify the integrity of a rpm package rpm –checksig package.rpm

Build RPM From RPM Source

Build a rpm package from a rpm source rpmbuild –rebuild package_name.src.rpm

PS Command Forest Mode

Displays linux tasks in a hierarchical mode ps -e -o pid,args –forest

Configure IP Address

Configure IP Address using the ifconfig command ifconfig eth0 netmask

Decompress Bzip2 File

Decompress a compressed tar archive in bzip2 tar -xvfj archive.tar.bz2tar -xvfj archive.tar.bz2

Create a Bzip2 File

create a tarball compressed into bzip2 tar -cvfj archive.tar.bz2 dir