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Configure Gateway

Configure the default gateway route add -net 0/0 gw IP_Gateway

Find Link Status

Show link status of all interfaces ip link show

Rip Audio CD to Wav

Rip audio tracks from a CD to wav files cd-paranoia -B

Burn Compressed ISO Image

Burn a compressed ISO image gzip -dc cd_iso.gz | cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom

Search Debian Package

Show all deb packages with the name “httpd” dpkg -l | grep httpd

All RPM Packages

Show all rpm packages installed on the system rpm -qa

Import RPM Key

Import public-key digital signature rpm –import /media/cdrom/RPM-GPG-KEY

Identify Channel SCSI

Scan bus to identify the drives cdrecord –scanbus

DHCP Mode Activation

active interface ‘eth0’ in dhcp mode dhclient eth0

Do Md5 check on CD/DVD/HDD

Perform an md5sum on a device, like a CD dd if=/dev/hdc | md5sum