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Show Active Network Connections

Show all active network connections and their PID netstat -tup

Find Alsa Version

Find the version of alsa using this command… cat /proc/asound/version Thanks to Sreenath(Hacking With Debian) for this tip.

List of Open Files

Display a list of files opened by processes lsof -p NUMBER

Information about eth0

show statistics of network card ‘eth0’ ethtool eth0

Show Link Status

Show link status of ‘eth0’ mii-tool eth0

pstree Command

Shows a tree system processes pstree

Watching the disk space

If you want to repeat a command many times, for example you are monitoring something, then don’t forget about the…

nslookup Network Command

Lookup hostname to resolve name to ip address and viceversa nslookup www.example.com

Check Ext2 FS

repair / check integrity of ext2 filesystem on disk hda1 fsck.ext2 /dev/hda1

Static Route

Configure static route to reach network ‘’ route add -net netmask gw