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Watch for Ubuntu 9.10 Launch

This script will run check for ubuntu launch once every 5 mins and let you know if there is an launch.

Create Random Password

Use this command to create a random password < /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9_ | head -c8 Also see…

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files

A Shell Scirpt to Mount ISO files – call it using the command moustiso.sh ImageFile.iso. You need a folder called…

chsh Command

Command to know if you have to remote into another box chsh –list-shells

env – Shell/Envionment Variables

Show all the variables in the shell. env

Change shell

Change shell command chsh

Spy on SSH Users

See what your users are doing using SSH connected to your system – this will show you what happens on…

Shell Script for Batch Convertion of Images

An easier way to batch convert images using the ‘convert’ command… #!/bin/sh # An Easy command to use the convert…

Change the Shell

Use this command to change the default shell you are using. chsh

A Shell Script to Create a Build of Firefox Extension

This shell script will create a build of a firefox extension in linux. This is created according to my details(eg,…